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About us:

SuraMachine is a leader in the creation and sales of machines for the food packaging industry. The company offers a wide range of machines, including machines for the production of paper cups, burger boxes, pizza boxes, and other food packaging products. These machines are designed to be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly, and can help businesses to increase their production capacity and reduce their costs,


We are Specialist in Packaging machinery

If you want to be a manufacturer and a successful producer, Sura Machine will give you all kinds of help and support to make your dreams come true with its dynamic and experienced staff.

Machines Category

Single Wall Paper Cup
Single Wall
Double Wall
Paper Lid
Paper Lid
Die Cutting
Die Cutting
Flexo Printing
Flexo Paper

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Our Focus


We have done our best to decrease the human operation as much as we can, including full-control PLC display.

Long LifeTime

The parts used in our machines are highly durable and heavy-duty which requires less maintenance and more production.

Customer Support

We are with you through all the steps including: Consultation, Installation, Training And Warranties.

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